Reverse Osmosis 
Drinking System

Enjoy pH and Alkaline water at the convenience of your home

Commercial & Office Water Systems

Protect your home and body with clean water

Whole House

Enjoy softer, shiner and healthy skin and hair with soft water

Water system

Keep your systems safe by maintaining the filters

Servicing Residential Areas


While most of the filters claim to produce drinking water, only reverse osmosis drinking water systems offer superior multistage filtration by reducing most common contaminants and substances to produce bottled quality drinking water.


Water Softeners exchange hard water mineral with sodium ions to "soften" the water. Using softer water will lather soaps easily which means you will save the amount of soap, detergent, and dish liquid you will use.


Water conditioners gets rid of the hardness in water. This addition to your water system can reduce pipe scaling, reduce yellowish or white spots around drains and faucets, will not waste water.


Alkaline filters add beneficial minerals (e.g., calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium) which aid in improving a person's overall health.and minerals, which is generally removed by water filter systems, to the water.

Commercial & Office Areas

COFFEE, TEA  & water cooler SYSTEMS

Formulate optimal taste, preserve your equipment and lower expense of operation with Our water purification systems.


Start Producing and distributing drinks at a constant and efficient rate in your high traffic restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and other foodservice operators


Treat your customers to a cube of cloudy and particulate-free ice. Remove containment and taste and order when serving your beverages with our top of the line Ice Systems


During the process of water transforming into steam, contaminants are left behind that can produce scale and corrosion, which will shorten the life of your water systems. Don’t let harsh water, damage your expensive steam devices.

Servicing Specialty Systems 

Hydroponic Systems

Whether you need a custom made system or replacement filters for our Hydroponic systems we got you covered. 

Aquarium Systems

Treat your aquarium with the best fresh water systems and filters by SoCal Water. 

Car Wash Systems

Can't stand getting water spots on your cars? Try out our custom car wash systems for a crystal clean car. 

Boat & RV Systems

Going on a trip to an island or across the country and want the best filters water? We got you covered!

Our Happy Clients


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Client Testimonials

Dont't take our word for it - here's what our clients say:

Thank you Socal for the amazing water cooler system and car wash system you installed at my auto dealer! Now my staff and customers can enjoy fresh water and My cars are water mark free.

Hovik Azolyan

Auto Dealership

I love my wholehouse water system and my RO system! My families obsessed with how their skin and hair feels after taking a shower with our new systems. Also love the RO system I feel more hydrated then ever. 

Kevin Rodriguez 

Home Owner

The Brio water color and the softening system they installed at my salon is a major game changer! Not only does my coffee taste better but my clients hair instantly feels and looks softer and healthy! 

Christina Kocharyan 

Hair Salon Owner

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