Water Conditioning System

How Does the Water Conditioning System Work?

In cold water, calcium ions (Ca2+), magnesium ions (Mg+2) and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-) are surrounded by "layers" of electrochemically-attracted water molecules, which "insulate" against the natural tendency of the oppositely-charged ions to come together and form crystals. Nuclear level templates on the surface of the  media act as catalysts and reduce the ability of calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions from coming together to form crystals of calcium and magnesium scale. This process that we refer to as NAC (Nucleation Assisted Crystallization) results in the creation of microscopic crystals of scale (seed crystals), which rapidly form in the treated water, not on the contact surfaces of the water system, and are carried downstream in colloidal suspension through the water system.

  • In untreated water, the scale forms on the inside walls of pipe, exterior of fixtures and all heating surfaces.
  • In Water Conditioner treated water, the seed crystals themselves provide a far greater surface area for new scale formation. Therefore, new scale preferentially deposits on this continuously replenished stream of suspended crystals rather than on the water contact surfaces — especially those surfaces that are at elevated temperatures.

Since scale formation is not static (it is constantly forming and dissolving),
the existence of continuously generated seed crystals not only eliminates further deposition of scale on water contact surfaces, but in fact will cause deposited scale to gradually dissolve back into the water and deposit on passing seed crystals in the water (from contact surfaces to solution to seed crystals).

What is the Difference Between a Salt less Water System and a Water Softener?

water softener is a water treatment system that reduces the hardness in the water down to below one grain per gallon. In order to do this, chemicals such as salt are used in the treatment of the water. A salt-based water softener will provide brighter laundry using less soap and will prevent the buildup of scale around the shower.  Many people love their water softeners for these exact reasons. The problem with a water softener system is that it uses salt which may be harmful to the environment. Salt is critical for the water softener to function. If you are environmentally conscious and are looking to get similar results without salt, then you NEED a salt-free water conditioner.

What Does a Salt Free Water Conditioner Offer Me?

The benefits you will see from a salt-free water conditioner are somewhat similar to that of a water softener. A salt-free water conditioner will break up scale and prevent it from sticking together, making it easy to remove without the need of additional cleaners. Water treated by a salt-free water conditioner causes the calcium and magnesium to stick together in seed crystals through a physical media. Because a physical media is used in place of salt, a water conditioner is considered safer for the environment. A salt-free water conditioner makes a great choice for those that don’t want to purchase heavy bags of salt.

What are the Downsides?

Because the salt-free water conditioner does not soften the water, your clothes will not be any brighter or whiter and you will use about 50% more soap. A salt-free water conditioner will also not make your dishes spot-free after a wash. Lastly, a salt-free water conditioner will not completely remove the scale buildup from your showers; it only makes it easier to remove. If you are looking for a these effects from your water, then you should really consider a Water Softener.

What Water Conditioner System is Right for Me?

At SoCal Water Services, we recommend the Salt-Free Water Conditioner. The is our premier brand with several models to meet any budget. The has been lab tested to remove chlorine and prevent scale buildup. If you are looking for a salt-free water conditioner there really is none better.

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